We are a leading website, mobile app and software development agency located in Kolkata. Along with developing software and applications we also provide Digital Branding and Marketing solutions to personal brands and small businesses. Since our inception in 2008, we have designed and developed over 1000+ websites, software and mobile applications for our different clients. We have served over 500+ clients both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission is to help people and organisations to reap the maximum benifit of technologies, in this new world of digital automation. We are dedicated to provide you more convenience and better experience in your daily life and with your organisational systems, through our smart and cost-effective digital products and services. "Digitalising your system, for better living" - has been our aspiration since we stared our journey.

The Background

During my engineering college days, I never had any planning to become a software professional. But the passion to do something of my own that will give me ample freedom to explore my creative potentials, was taking shape with each passing days. In 2003, when I passed out with a BTech Degree in Civil Engineering, I made out that the first and foremost thing should be, to learn, 'how things are going on in the industry'. I joined my first job in a civil construction company. But soon I realised that the job environments in the construction or later in structural design, were not appeasing my creative spirit to that extent, I crave for. The ardor for working with latest trends and technologies, ultimately took me to an absolute different zone, most commonly named �software�.

I started working in software companies and my experience with each project exposed my vision leading up to a self-designed company. As a consequence I left job to tie knot with my dream. The combination of experience and passion eventually led to the formation of our team brand �Sunyam� from the scratch.

Suvabrata Basu (Co-founder)

Although I hailed from a family where the common career trend is to become a teacher or professor, I always preferred to use my lessons in the real world applications, rather than teaching others what I have learned. After my Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA), I joined software industry and saw, how our daily lives are being controlled by the lines of programming codes. Soon I realised that I will not be able to explore my ideas directly to the real world market, unless I setup my own start-up. Coincidently, I met Suvabrata with same sort of innovative planning. And thus we laid the foundation stone of �Sunyam�, at present serving so many individuals and organisations in India and abroad.

Ananya Banerjee (Co-founder)

Our Team

"Under one roof" model of conducting work, popularised from the days of industrial revolution, is gradually losing its significance. Modern technologies are rapidly creating virtual workspaces and allowing workers to contribute their part in a big project, without being physically present together under a single roof. "Move work to the workers, rather than workers to the workplace." is the new paradigm. We, too, found advantages and profitability in this new model of 'getting things done'.

Our team - consisting of designers, programmers, content-writers, photographers, business-analysts, marketers and above all hard workers - is committed to offer most latest digital medium, to make life much easier than ever.

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